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Group X

Group eXercise offers over 40 workout sessions per week for drop-in participation.  Our top-quality student instructors provide a challenging workout for each session.  All workouts include modifications for all fitness levels to ensure that everyone can take a step toward meeting their fitness goals.  Purchase a Workout Pass and drop-in to any workout you choose.

Group X Schedule (September 28-December 4)

Summer Schedule

Group Exercise
Top 40 Dance
Boot Camp
Body Sculpt
Men\'s only Boot Camp
Freebie Friday
Boot Camp + Cycling Express
Core & Stretch
Yoga Beat
Yoga Sculpt
HIIT Circuits
Conquer the Course
Power Yoga
Step Intervals
Fitness Yoga
Cycling Express and Core Strength
Sunrise Yoga
Top 40
Pilates Fusion
Conquer the Obstacle Course
Vinyasa Yoga
BOSU Interval
Gentle Yoga
Sunrise Yoga-Vinyasa
Freebie Friday-POUND™
Freebie Friday-Pilates Fusion
Freebie Friday-Yoga Sculpt
Freebie Friday-Top 40
Freebie Friday-Step Intervals
Freebie Friday-Body Sculpt
Freebie Friday-Kickboxing
Freebie Friday-Yoga
Hatha Yoga
*Conquer the Course
Core & Stretch
Candlelight Yoga
BOSU Core Strength
Tabata Cycling
AquaX Fitness
YardWork Circuits
Freebie Friday-Kettleball
Freebie Friday-TRX
Freebie Friday-Tabata Cycling
Freebie Friday-Boot Camp
Freebie Friday-Cycling
Freebie Friday-Vinyasa Yoga
Sandbell Strength
BOSU Intervals
Kettleball The Yard
TRX The Yard
Yard Circuits
Core and Stretch
HIIT Cycling
Vinyasa Yoga Level 2
Women\'s Only FIT WOD
Fitness Factory WOD
Aqua Boot Camp
POUND-Rock Your Body
*YardWork Circuits
*Top 40
Kettleball Circuits
Yoga - Love the Way Your Body Moves
Yard Circuits-Love the Way Your Body Works
Battling Ropes
Dance for Every Body
Candlelight Yoga FREE
Yard Circuits FREE
TRX Suspension Trainer
Fitness Factory WOD- Women\'s Only
YardWork Circuits - FREE
Freebie Friday-Urbankick
Urban Kick
*Freebie Friday
Week of:

Workout Pass Fees

# WorkoutsSRC Member PriceCost/Session
  • Workout Passes are sold at the SRC Service Center located in the Main Lobby
  • Workout Passes will be stored on your UO ID card
  • Unused Workout Passes 1-20 do not expire, and will rollover to the next term
  • Unlimited Workout Passes are only valid during the term of purchase

Freebie Fridays

Summer Session Freebie Fridays
June 26Urbankick
SRC 41
July 10TRX
SRC 281
July 17Pilates Fusion
SRC 41
July 24Boot Camp
SRC 41
July 31Urbankick
SRC 41
August 7TRX
SRC 281
August 14Zumba
SRC 41

Workout Descriptions

All workouts are appropriate for beginners to advanced fitness levels, as instructors will offer modifications and options for each exercise.  Be sure to communicate with the instructor if you have special needs and/or limitations.

AQUA BOOT CAMP challenges your body by moving to the music through muscle and cardio conditioning exercises against water resistance! This workout will vary from shallow to deep water exercises, all fitness levels welcome!

BODY SCULPT features a full 50 minutes of muscular endurance training for the upper body, lower body and core. Use weights, tubing, and body resistance to challenge every major muscle group in your body.

BOOT CAMP is an intense interval workout that combines cardiovascular training, resistance training and sports conditioning (strength, agility, quickness, coordination), without fancy choreography.

BOSU CORE STRENGTH the BOSU is an inflated rubber dome on a flat, round platform and stand for “Both Sides Up.” The goal of this workout is to increase your entire core strength from your shoulders to hips to your front and back sides using the instability of the BOSU!

BOSU STEP INTERVALS similar to STEP INTERVALS, you will move to choreographed step combinations and muscular strength intervals using the BOSU. The BOSU is an inflated rubber dome on a flat, round platform. With two sides of instability to work with, the BOSU will allow you to increase your balance and stabilizing muscle groups with each movement!

CORE & STRETCH develop both core strength and flexibility through a well-designed program of traditional sport-based and Pilates-based exercises to enhance performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

FITNESS FACTORY WOD learn highly functional movements that are constantly varied and performed with intensity. You’ll build strength, endurance, power and agility in a supportive, encouraging, and team-oriented environment.

FREEBIE FRIDAY is offered EVERY Friday, as an opportunity to participate in something new. Try innovative workout formats from various instructors for FREE!

CYCLING simulates the outdoors with geared-stationary bikes, motivating music, and creates various terrain using the resistance levels and speed controlled individually.

HIIT CYCLING is a combination of short and long timed intervals performed at a high intensity to challenge your cardiovascular system and leg power. Predicted ventilatory threshold will be calculated on your indoor cycling bike to ensure each participant is working at their own fitness level!

KICKBOXING combines kicking and punching techniques with cardio and strength exercises in choreography and sports drills.  There is no contact involved and it’s not a self-defense class, but is a fun way to move to music!

PILATES principles are incorporated into a progressive workout designed to lengthen and strengthen the entire body.  Perform intermediate mat-work exercises and learn the physiological basis of the Stott Pilates method.

PILATES FUSION is a dynamic, flowing sequence that will lengthen and strengthen your body along with increase your cardiovascular endurance.

POUND is a rock-out, workout, combining a full-body cardio jam session that fuses Pilates, strength, and plyometrics! Come rock, tap, dubstep, and pop with us, all levels welcome!

STEP INTERVALS uses the Step Reebok© equipment, to incorporate choreographed step combinations and muscular strength intervals for a full body workout.  Control your workout changing your speed, travel and execution of movements, with modifications offered to vary complexity and intensity.

TOP 40 DANCE uses popular music and easy-to-follow moves that create choreographed routines so it feels more like dancing than working out.

TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER individuals will complete total circuits on the TRX suspension trainer to improve flexibility, agility, balance, and overall strength.

URBANKICK is an innovative and exciting athletic kickboxing format that takes a sports conditioning approach. This workout will include punch and kick sequences along with interval drills for an overall full body conditioning workout.

YARDWORK CIRCUITS individuals will go over and under, climb, crawl, and work through a series of strength and cardio circuits in the Yard functional fitness area. All fitness levels welcome, participate in this class for FREE!

YOGA, VINYASA is a more challenging flowing yoga that focuses on movement and breath. The session will increase muscular endurance and flexibility, while also including balance poses to help you find your perfect practice for today.

YOGA, VINYASA (level 2) is a more challenging flowing yoga that focuses on movement and breath. The session will increase muscular endurance and flexibility, while also including balance poses to help you find your perfect practice for today. Level 2 classes will move at a quicker pace and feature more challenging poses. All levels are welcome, but some experience with yoga is recommended.

YOGA, GENTLE a softer, less strenuous yoga that provides optimal relief from tightness, soreness, and is designed to leave your body and mind feeling revived and calm.

YOGA, HATHA is a slow movement and breathing combination that focuses on mental awareness, strength, flexibility and relaxation.

ZUMBA fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and popular music with easy-to-follow moves that create choreographed routines so it feels more like dancing than working out.

Policies and Procedures

  • Space is available on a first come first-served basis
  • Present UO ID card to the fitness monitor to reserve your space
  • Participants can check-in with fitness monitor up to 30 minutes prior to or 5 minutes past the schedule workout time
  • Participants may not obtain two workout passes for back-to-back workout sessions
  • Participants can join a second workout if there is space available 10 minutes prior to the schedule time
  • For early morning workout the instructor will check for workout passes and admit participants
  • Participants can enter the room 10 minutes prior to the schedule time



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